Monday, 10 February 2014

Reflections in water

I recently took part in a day-long workshop with Rosey Boehm and recommend her workshop; I learnt so much about how to use my new camera.  Not just the technical stuff, which is definitely important; she took us through the settings on our cameras and how to use them to the best advantage as well as explaining things I didn't understand from the manual and clarifying things that were still a big foggy.  But just as important was the attitude to photography - finding what is going to be a good photo and what isn't; taking into account the light and how to work with it; and composition, mainly before you take the photo but also how to crop to best advantage.  Terrific stuff!
Here is the photo I took with all that in mind - actually I did crop also with her advice in mind too.  There was a bit too much plain blue sky and a bit too much vegetation at the foreground; also on one side was a large area of algal bloom in the lake, which unbalanced it.  All those I cropped.
Wetland lake at Lochiel Park©Christine Linton
Technical details: Aperture Priority, F.2.8, shutter speed 1/1000 sec, ISO 200, Auto focus 23 area, white balance - auto.

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