Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Kakadu wildlife

Yellow River, Kakadu.  Though the left of the photo came out a bit fuzzy - possibly from another tourist - I like this photo because the Jabiru is eyeing the Saltwater Crocodile, who is eyeing the Jabiru.  It is like an action photo waiting to happen - and crocs often do take the wading birds.  The reflection is rather nice too, showing the movement in the water.  It follows the rule of thirds, though I don't always look for that.

These beautiful Plumed Whistling Ducks are just part of a large congregation of them along the river bank of the Yellow River in Kakadu.  I liked that there were three in this small group - an odd number - with a partial nod to the rule of thirds again.  Taking shots from the brilliant sunshine out on the water into the shade of the trees meant I lost some of the detail of the feathers but the experience of being there was wonderful.
Both of these photos were captures taken from video from my Panasonic FZ200.  Overall I was able to take some great photos and videos in Kakadu.

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