Tuesday, 5 January 2016


Purple Swamphen
I was pleased with the bokeh effect - blurry background setting off the sharper image of the bird, particularly in this case the eye.  Discovering some of the Scene modes in the Nikon P610, there is one called Birdwatching.  In this Scene mode, the ISO is set on auto, F/3.3, shutter speed 1/30, and the only choice being single or continuous frames.  Generally speaking I have found this setting to be much the same as if I had set up Aperture Priority with continuous frames, which would normally be my go-to choice for bird shots.  So I have been trying out both, and while often both give the same result, occasionally one or the other will produce the better result.  In other words, it's always worth taking lots more than one photo of any subject, from different angles, different distances, different zoom lengths.
Another shot I was pleased with is a pair of pelicans cruising down the Torrens.  This is also in Birdwatching mode.  I cropped it back to one pelican for this purpose, to show the frondy feathers on the back of the neck.
Pelican on the Torrens

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