Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Ant with his aphids

I know that ants and aphids have a close tie. (read more about that at this link)  Ants feed on the sugar produced by the aphids as they feed on a plant.  I have been watching a hibiscus bud become covered with aphids, and this morning took some close-ups (macros) of the bud.  The aphids are swarming, and I caught an ant in one of the pix.  I was using Aperture Priority set to AF Macro, daylight white balance as it was in the morning sunshine, and ISO 100; f/2.8.  I cropped it closer in the computer, but I love the way f/2.8 gives that blurry background behind a sharp image - you can tell I'm still a beginning photographer by the way I am in awe at normal photographic results!
Ant with aphids on hibiscus bud©Christine Linton

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