Thursday, 17 April 2014

Ginger Lily mini-progression

This time my photos of the ginger lily blooming succeeded, and I will put together a time-progression as is my plan soon.  Here are three of the photos, and I have put them on here to show how fast the blooms change - these shots were over the course of just one day, and look particularly at the two blooms at the bottom, and how the stamens change from the first shot to the last.  Also how the top bloom  opens out, and how the stamens to each side stand up and out in the morning, and droop within a couple of hours.  The total time frame here is 7 hours!

11.53 am©Christine Linton

1.22 pm©Christine Linton
6.30 pm©Christine Linton
I love these flowers, and the perfume from them is wonderful.  Photographing something that is personally meaningful ... please read Rob Sheppard's post on this here.

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